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Top Wireless EarBuds of 2021

In a world where some of the top brands, like Samsung and Apple, are getting rid of the headphone jack and switching to the new wireless world, everyone is starting to look for the best wireless earbuds money can buy.

Why should you buy wireless Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are the future. First, it was Apple with their iPhone 7, where they ditched away the headphone jack. Every phone company, let it be Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, made fun of this decision. Fast forward a few months or a year later, these same companies were the next in line to remove the headphone jack in their top-of-the-line variant phones. And it is not long that this decision will get trickled down to other tech industries.

On one side, you can argue that removing the headphone jack was not the best decision; on the other hand, this has allowed for some exponential growth in the headphone industry. Where wireless earbuds were only affordable by the elite, now, because of the increasing competition, almost anyone can buy a good pair of wireless earbuds at a low price. Increased competition has caused companies to make good earbuds with improved features and qualities at much cheaper and affordable rates. And today, in this article, we will be covering some of the best earbuds to buy in 2021 that you can get your hands on right now, listen to music and watch videos until your heart contends.

Apple Air Pods

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: The Absolute Best

When talking about the best wireless earbuds, how can we forget Samsung? They have got some of the top-ranking earbuds available in the market. And this time, they have presented us with their Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The noise cancellation in these buds is top-notch, with their dual-driver technology that lets you immerse into the world of your music.

For those who like to work out, the Galaxy Buds Pro seems to fit quite nicely, and with the IPX7 water-resistant rating, your sweat and minor splashes of water won’t damage it one bit.

You can rock the earbuds for up to 5 hours of straight music, and together with the case, the Samsung Galaxy Buds can last up to 18 hours. They also come with fast charging via the case, so you don’t have to wait for them to charge up. The case can also be charged wirelessly, taking away the hassle of wires to carry around.


2. Apple AirPods Pro: Treat for Apple Lovers

When it comes to Wireless Earbuds, Apple is not everyone’s favorite. And let me tell you, they are also not cheap. They are one of the most expensive wireless earbuds on this list today. But, if you are an Apple user, then getting the Apple Air Pods Pro will be the best for your out of all in this list. Why do you ask? Let me tell you why

If you are a Mac or an iOS user, then Apple AirPods Pro are the ones you should get. With their integrated H1 chip inside Apple’s AirPods, a quick pairing of your Apple device and your AirPods occurs without any lag or wait time. And their active noise cancellation, along with the much-awaited silicone tips, will make your music ride a joyful one.

Apple AirPods Pro also comes with an IPX4 rating, meaning you can wear them during your workouts without any worry. They come with a battery life of approx. 4.5 hours, and by just placing the buds in the case for five minutes, you can get up to 1 hour of extra talk time or listening time. You can get up to 18 hours of total music time in your Apple AirPods Pro with the case included. Just remember, don’t go for the regular AirPods!

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3. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Personal Favorite

For an Andriod user, if I have to recommend the best earbuds personally, I would, hands down, recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. They are not only cheap (as compare to others) but also have some of the most exciting features that even the very expensive earbuds are lacking.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 has three microphones integrated into them, giving the next-level, immersive sound cancellation experience. The wearable app of Samsung helps you to actively choose which noise to filter out and which noise to hear and enables you to find your buds if one of them happens to get lost. Sadly, this feature is neglected in iOS devices, with the wearable app only available on Android devices.

The lightweight of these earbuds, coupled with an excellent fit, these earbuds have to be the most comfortable ones in the market yet. They also support 5 hours of battery with active noise cancellation activated and 7.5 hours without active noise cancellation. Coupled with a wireless charging case and the dual-driver, Samsung Buds 2 are a far better purchase for your android or iOS device than Apple AirPods.

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4. Master and Dynamic MW07 Go: The Beast Battery

If you are someone, who travels a lot, and wants a bigger battery life while not compromising on the comfort, sound, or fit, then Master and Dynamic MW07 is the perfect pick for you.

They offer an astonishing 10 hours of battery life on a single charge and add 12 hours more if you include the case. This can quickly get you through your tiring and long days without worrying about charging them. Coupled that with the silicone ear fins, and water resistance, they are the best buy for you if you are looking for comfort along with a bigger battery. (Personal favorite over Apple AirPods pro).

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5. Sony WF-1000XM4: The True Music Marathon

Don’t get confused by the name of this device (I always do) because it can offer way more than the confusing name suggests. Sony’s WF-1000XM4 earbuds may be a bit heavy and larger compared to others on this list, but they do offer some of the best quality sound to date.

We all know how well Sony’s wires Headphones have performed and cemented their names in the world of music over the last few years. And this time, with their Earbuds, they are ready to take the earbuds industry by the roll. Even though they are expensive (Surprisingly more than the Apple AirPods), but they are a true treat for real music lovers. Sony’s digital processing allows the earbuds to cancel background noise like it was never there, along with producing strong and quality sound.

With Sony’s combination app, you can also adjust the equalization and other settings according to your liking. So, in short, if you are a genuine sound and music lover, then these expensive, yet worth Sony’s WF-1000XM4, are the best for you.

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