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Top 5 Smartphones to buy in 2021

Smartphones are a necessity of every individual in this decade of the 21st century. As we move forward, year by year, the smartphone industry comes out with something new that compels you to ditch your previous phone and buy a new one. No doubt smartphone is one of the most prominent technological advancement of this century. If you are wondering which smartphones to buy, you are at the right place! Let’s check out the best smartphone options you have in 2021.

What Are The Best Smartphones To Buy In 2021?

Right now, there are so many excellent phones to pick from, but which one is the king of the castle? Is there even going to be a winner? In reality, there is no one ideal phone for everyone, so keep in mind that the greatest phone for you may not be at the top of our list. Phones come in a variety of forms, sizes, and costs. We have rated and analyzed the top 5 phones money can buy.
While our list includes well-known brands like as Apple and Samsung, you may not be acquainted with every phone manufacturer we have suggested. With that said, believe us when we say that these phones are all excellent, and if you want to learn more, just read each phone’s entire review.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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The following are the reasons why it the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is on of the greatest smartphones of this year: With one of the finest camera suites, amazing power, great battery life, a sturdy build, and a slew of other wonderful features, we believe the S21 Ultra is an excellent option for you. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is not a cheap device, with a price that, although lower than its predecessor, is still more than any rival flagship, but if you are seeking for the best smartphone experience in 2021, you will not find a better option than this newest from Samsung.

The top 6.8-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and a Quad HD resolution. This is one of the most impressive smartphone screens available. The battery life of the Samsung S21 Ultra is excellent, and we found that it could frequently get us through a whole day on a single charge. If you experiment with the 120Hz refresh rate, battery life will certainly deplete quicker, but it is a great option if you want a long-lasting phone.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra does not come with a charger, so you will have to use your current one or purchase one separately. The 108MP camera on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is likely to be the highlight for many, and it does not disappoint. You can capture 100x zoom photos like its predecessor, but it is much better here over the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with two telephoto cameras working in unison to perform the hard job.

OnePlus 9 Pro

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With the OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus has raised its game. The addition of Hasselblad-tuned cameras has enhanced one area of the OnePlus phone’s arsenal that had previously been lacking. OnePlus is now a genuine candidate for one of the finest phones in the UK, thanks to some of the quickest wired and wireless charging available and a beautiful QHD display with a configurable 120Hz refresh rate. Its cheap pricing — at least for a phone with these specifications — is also a significant selling point.

The low-light pictures from those enhanced cameras still fall short of the other shots. Furthermore, the addition of a monochrome camera does not provide the same level of value as a second telephoto camera. However, do not let it put you off what is otherwise a well-rounded and well polished phone.

Xiaomi Mi 11

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The Xiaomi Mi 11 has specifications that are comparable to far more costly Android flagships, making it one of the finest phones in the UK. The highlight is its display, which is as big and detailed as the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s and has a good variable refresh rate technology on top. Although the battery is tiny for a phone of this size, it charges at 55W wired and 50W wireless, which outperforms nearly all other rivals right now in terms of speed.

While you hope you never have to put it to the test, the Mi 11 lacks an official IP certification for water/dust protection, unlike the premium phones it otherwise equals or outperforms in terms of functionality. The cameras on the Mi 11 are likewise a little lacking, but its 108MP primary sensor still works well, and the tele macro camera is one of the finest methods to take close-up photos on any phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Apple has reasserted its dominance in the smartphone market with the release of its top-tier iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With a highly detailed 6.7-inch Retina XDR display, its finest set of cameras yet, and outstanding processing and battery performance, the biggest iPhone ever makes full use of its size. You also have access to Apple’s app store, which has a large selection of applications. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also has simple MagSafe charging, and its Ceramic Shield display is intended to provide the greatest drop protection ever. However, this phone is very heavy, and it lacks a 120Hz refresh rate. Overall, the iPhone 12 Pro Max remains our top pick, although some may want to wait until the iPhone 13 series is out to see what it has to offer. Check out what Apple has in store for the iPhone 13.

Google Pixel 4a

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Because the Pixel 5a is currently only available in Japan and the United States, UK customers must settle with the Pixel 4a. That is fine, since this older phone still outperforms others in its class in certain areas. As a Google phone, the Pixel 4a receives the most up-to-date Android experiences first and for a longer period of time than many similar smartphones. The Pixel 4a just has a single back camera, yet it shoots better pictures than virtually any other phone. The Pixel stands out as one of the best smartphones to buy every year and this year was no exception!


We hope that this list helps you pick one of the best smartphones to buy in 2021. Don’t worry, we are broke tech geeks after all! Check out the top budget smartphones to buy, if you are on a low-budget. Hopefully, this list will help you single out the best smartphone for you!

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