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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: The Absolute Best of Foldable! Price, Specs and more

Samsung has amazed everyone once again in their launch event, revealing the all-new Samsung Z fold three and Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3. As the name suggests, these smartphones are the third models in Samsung’s foldable phone series (even though flip only has two models), with even more significant improvements from the last two generations.

While the sales of the Samsung Fold from the previous year have not been up to the mark, Samsung is showing complete determination in their foldable smartphones series lineups. They announced many more extensive and better improvements in the new Galaxy Fold and Flip compared to the previous-gen, showcasing that Samsung wants the fold to be the next norm in the current smartphone world.

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

What has Samsung changed in the New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Samsung has brought everything to the table this time. Going beyond the boundaries for their Z Flip 3 and making some vast advancements that even I am shocked to see. Some significant improvements over the last gen Samsung fold and some little studdle improvements give the Samsung fold three an overall complete design look and feel. Let’s look into what Samsung has presented us with;

Gorilla Glass Victus

Compared to the previous-gen, Samsung Z fold 3 looks much like the old Samsung Z fold 2. This time it is a little bit lighter and a little bit thinner. The body is made up of aluminum.  But one of the major changes from the last-gen is that Samsung has added a Gorilla Glass Victus on the front screen.

This decision of adding a gorilla glass from Samsung will give the Samsung fold 3 the new stability in its design and provide it with some shatter-resisting capability (but nonetheless, I would be cautious not to drop such devices. After all, they are not by any means cheap!).

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is now Water Resistant!

Water-resistance is the thing that I placed last on my list to see in the new upcoming fold. Back in the day when the first fold phone was announced and released by Samsung, the seal of that phone was so bad that even small chunks of rocks used to get in quickly and tear the hinge apart in a few months of use. (Check out Jerryrigverything’s video on that)

Now Samsung has really shown what they can do by giving a foldable phone an IPX8 water resistance. A foldable phone with such a complex hinge design, giving any kind of water resistance rating, would have been more than enough to convince me. But the fact that Samsung Z Fold 3 has an IPX8 rating really blew my mind. IPX8 means that the phone can be immersed in water for up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, and it can also now easily withstand splashes of water.

Remember one thing that it is IPX8 and not IP68. So, X means that it wasn’t tested for fine grains of sand and other particles, which have always been the nemesis for these foldable phones. But nonetheless, getting a water-resistant rating is something that has impressed me a lot.

A 120hz Front screen!

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 was a disappointment for many, especially after using the outside screen. The external screen was way different than the inside foldable two screens. The front screen was smaller and with a lower refresh rate than the main screens (60hz compared to 120hz), making the screen feel really slow and jerky. Almost no one wanted to use that screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

Now Samsung has made a massive improvement by making the Z Fold three’s screen larger (almost as large as the main two screens) and bumping up the refresh rate to 120hz. By using the outside screen, it really feels like a complete phone and is actually quite useful.

No Selfie Camera bump in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

On the inside of the Samsung Z Fold 3, the dual-screen size, dimension, resolution are precisely the same as they were previously. Samsung has decided not to change the screen dimension (as the screens are already pretty huge), nor have they reduced the screen’s bezels. What Samsung did was to give a full-screen display with no camera punch hole in the screen!

This time, in the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, there is no camera notch or anything. The selfie camera is incorporated behind the screen. This gives a seamless and full edge-to-edge uninterrupted display that really looks majestic to the eyes.

More Durable Screens

The Inside dual screen of Galaxy fold 3 are now, according to Samsung, 80% more durable and scratch-resistant. This gives more real-life durability to the folding phone, which was otherwise lacking in the previous model, which was way less durable and basically a scratch magnet if you wish to keep it in your pocket.

S Pen Compatibility:

The S pen compatibility feature is something that many of the customers were begging for Samsung to provide them. With a dual-screen large display, Samsung fold was always meant to be a big phone that resembles a mini-tablet. But the phone was really not living up to the mark, until now.

Person holding drawing pen

Samsung has now introduced S pen compatibility with the Samsung Z fold 3. Coupled with a large screen, this really will give the S pen fans unmatched freedom. Now people can quickly take notes, draw out any canvas, pretty much do anything thanks to the large dual screen, which was somewhat limited in the Samsung S and Note lineup.

The S pen feature is not perfect as-per-say in this Samsung fold because there is a considerable margin for improvement in that department. Nonetheless, it is a great start.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 will cost you around $1800! This is the starting, the base price of this smartphone, and the S-pen has to be bought separately if you want to use it with your new foldable. Because Fold 3 is basically a small tablet inside your pocket, and the fact that this price is a little less than the last-gen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the price seems quite reasonable.

But from a user perspective, I have to say this is quite expensive! I know Samsung has spent a lot of money on designing this phone. The three high resolutions screen, a processor, three different camera modules, and many other components cost a lot of money. However, still, a price tag of $1800 is way too much for an average consumer.

A good alternative for those who want to have the full experience of a folding phone is the new Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3, which costs around $999. I know this is also quite expensive, but I think this is a nice bet because you are getting a very pocket-friendly, high-tech folding phone from one of the companies that seems to be mastering the making of foldable pocket-friendly machines. Nonetheless, foldable will be expensive until at least for the next couple of years, until much smaller, cheaper foldable phones and components hit the market.

I will write more on Samsung galaxy Z flip 3 in my next article if you are interested in that too. Keep visiting our site for more information.

What is the future of Foldable Phones?

As of now, foldable are way out of reach for an ordinary person. And foldable are now becoming more useful for an average user but are still too expensive for most of us to buy. But it is good to see that Samsung is trying their best to be innovative with their new thinking and new technology that every time amazes us, not like Apple, that basically repeats the previous model with a little bit of tweaking. Check out what Apple is planning to do in the fall of this year by clicking here.



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