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 Is Canon 600D worth buying in 2021? A Short Review

(NOTE : All photos in this article are completely unedited. I kept them as they were straight from the camera, so you can have a clear picture about the camera’s performance. Editing elevates the image to the next level, but you can’t compare the real quality of the camera then, therefore I used original photos, captured from my Canon EOS 600D, in this article)

DSLRs have taken over the world of photography. Back in the days, only a professional photographer was the one who had a DSLR in his arsenal, and mobile photography wasn’t great either. So, people had to rely on professional help. Things have changed a lot since then. Now, the prices of DSLRs have gone down due to the increased competition in the camera department. Everyone wants to sell their products, so they are bound to offer better features for lower prices. Cameras like Canon 600d are great for some handy work while being in the cheaper range.

With many unique options available in the market, selecting a camera can be challenging. But today, I am going to tell you why you should buy a Canon 600D in 2021? Because I have been using this camera for almost three years now, I can easily say this camera is the best in the price range, and you should definitely get your hands on it. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

The Initial time:

Canon 600D was released by Canon approximately ten years ago, in February of 2011. It is known by many names. In Japan, it is known as Canon EOS Kiss x5 (the variant I currently own).  It is known as Canon EOS Rebel T3i in America and famously known as the Canon EOS 600D.  You may have seen the camera in your local retail store by any of these names, but the features are the same in all three variants. It was the second camera in the Canon lineup with an articulating screen, succeeding Canon 550D, and was an absolute hit in its time.

Now let’s look into two of the main features that a camera is known for and why a commoner will want to have a camera.

Image Quality:

The camera itself has an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, which allows you to capture photos to their finest detail. When I say finest, I don’t mean the crisp quality like the Sony mirrorless cameras have (which are thousands of dollars), but the images are excellent for any typical day to day usage. Heck, my friend has even covered many events with this camera in hand, and all the customers seem to like his work a lot.

So, what I mean to say is, when you compare this camera with some of the best in the market, it may not be able to perform as good as those, but it still is in the top tier. Here is an image captured on my EOS Kiss x5:

Cat image

I will spare you the finer details of the aperture setting, ISO etc., as those are the terms for a more professional photographer. But as you can see, the image quality is excellent and is best even if you plan on covering events with this camera. The lens used in this shot is the primary 18-55mm kit lens, so no fancy equipment was used in capturing this photo.

Let me show another shot:


This image was also captured using the same camera, but here I have used my 50mm, f1.8, STM lens. So, as you can see, 600D can give you beautiful images if only you know the basics of photography. However, I would recommend you get this 50mm lens if you plan to do some professional work. This lens is considered the king of photography (More on the lens in my next article).


The camera can capture Full HD 1080p recording at 24 frames (for the cinematic shots) and 25 and 30 frames per second when it comes to videography. It also has an option to record at 60 frames per second at 720p quality. Of course, even at 1080p, you can’t compare it to something like 4k recording of the latest cameras, but the video quality is still pretty good.

Autofocus issue:

If I have to name one feature that I want in this camera, it would be the autofocus feature. This camera doesn’t have an autofocus feature. And this becomes really annoying when you are trying to shoot a long video, especially in those cases where you have to mount the camera and capture a moving object.

Don’t get me wrong, videography is excellent with this camera, especially when recording small shots. When you couple it with an articulating screen, cinematic shots become a hell of a lot more effortless. But the lack of autofocus is worth mentioning before you go on and purchase this camera.

Why Canon 600D?

Why do I recommend you should get this camera in 2021? Indeed there are many better DSLRs in the business right now, with many new features, then; why this?


The price is one of those factors that is on top of everyone’s consideration. Everyone wants the fantastic new Sony’s A1, but it comes with a whopping price tag of $6500! So, it is better to state the price limit first before making a choice. So, Canon EOS 600D price is a huge plus point when purchasing on a budget.

Canon 600D has long been discontinued, so it is nearly impossible to get your hands on a new camera. However, this camera can easily be bought on eBay for around $200 to $300 in excellent condition. I purchased mine three years ago, for about $280, from a local store. Since then, my EOS Kiss x5 has been working superb, and I am using it almost every other day. I haven’t encountered a single problem since my purchase.

Of course, when buying second hand/ used stuff, you can easily be conned if you are not aware of what you are buying. And the percentage of you getting the wrong stuff is increased many folds if it is your first purchase. So, I recommend you take some professional friend or relative who knows what to check in a camera before purchasing.

So, in short, this camera’s price is very low, but this camera is packed with many features that will impress everyone.

Articulating screen:

This feature is one of those that I can talk hours about. The usefulness of an articulating screen is something that only a photographer can tell you. Because often, while shooting a video or a photo, you encounter a situation where you have a good shot in mind but cannot capture that picture because of not being able to look inside the viewfinder. The articulating screen of this camera helps you capture photos in unique positions that are otherwise very difficult to take.

Articulating screen

Heck, with the articulating screen, you can even take a group photo very easily. Just set the timer for 10 seconds. Rotate the screen to the front (since it has a full rotation feature). Go on and adjust your position with your group while viewing the screen, and the camera will capture your photo when the timer runs out.

This, articulating screen feature of Canon 600D is very helpful for taking self-portraits, vlogging, many unique shots etc. And by no means is the articulating screen fragile or anything. I habitually rotate the screen every time I am taking any photo and not using the viewfinder. Especially when taking shots like these:

Cat photo

As we know, you can’t make an animal can’t sit around at one spot. And when they do, you need to make sure you capture them just at the right angle. So, articulating the screen helps me capture these shots while my cats lie on the floor.

Sure, the viewfinder is the way to go because it helps take quick shots, conserves battery, looks professional, but you can only do so much while sticking your eye inside the camera. And that’s where the screen of this camera comes into action.

Resale value:

The problem with other DLSR is that sometimes they lose their resale value relatively quickly. You can get a new DSLR for about $1000. But once you use it for a couple of months and then think about selling your camera, you will realize that you are barely getting half of the amount.

The problem is not faced with this camera because you are already getting it relatively cheap. Secondly, the demand for this camera is still on the rage in the market. So, after a couple of months or years of use, when you are thinking about upgrading your camera, then you can sell this camera for almost the same price for which you bought it.


So, to summarize the long story, I think Canon 600D is the best buy in 2021. If you are just starting in the world of photography, then this DSLR is perfect for your use. It comes with all the essentials that a camera should have and is ideal for a beginner in the world of photography. Just make sure to invest some more and a buy 50mm lens for those fantastic portrait shots. I will talk more about the lens in my next article. If you are interested in iPhones, I suggest you check out my other article over here.

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What do you think about Canon 600D? Share your experience with this camera in the comment section below.


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