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All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Windows 11

It has been a good six years since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015.  And as we know, Windows 10 was quite the sequel to the famous Windows 8 and held its promise. With Windows 11 in the rumors, things are only going to go uphill from here onwards. Except for a few minor things, the name Windows 11 might be the only thing that is yet confirmed by Microsoft (and that to not officially announce). With that being said, many new and legit rumors about the features of Windows 11 have surfaced and found their way into the world of technology.

What would be the new aesthetics of Windows 11?

On June 2nd Microsoft showed us a glimpse of their new OS. It had an invitation to an event known as “what’s next for Windows,” which is scheduled for June 24th. The invitation was an animated gif that displayed perhaps a new logo for the Windows lineup.  I have strong hopes for it being the new face of Windows since it also looked like the upcoming Windows.


Windows 11


Will there be new features in Windows 11?

Like I have already said, nothing official has been announced about the UI or the features that Windows 11 will have when it get launched. However, a leaked video shows some of the new features for the upcoming software. Remember, this is only a leak, nothing official, so this may or may not be valid. But nonetheless, by the looks of it, I seem to find it quite convincing. Let’s briefly go through some of the features spotted in that video:

New Start menu and start menu options for Windows 11: As it has always been, a new windows means a new start menu. This time there are live functional titles instead of simple icons, showing the pin icons to the start menu. There is also is an option or a button that says all apps and lets you view all the installed apps in your computer.



Microsoft recently published a list of compatible processors with their all new Windows 11. Check it out here.

Although this is just for the initial version of Windows and the list is bound to expand. So, if you don’t see your processor, don’t fret, as Microsoft might support your processor in the near future with stable updates.


A Centrally Positioned Taskbar

Tired of the left-sided positioned taskbar? Don’t worry, Microsoft has heard your call. Now the new taskbar is positioned centrally instead of the old school left sidebar. It still has all the options for the start menu button and the search button. If you are fonder of the old-school left-sided style, then Microsoft seems to be kind enough to give an option to switch the taskbar to the left side, like it is in Windows 10 and lower.

Windows 11 interface


Where is the search bar in Windows 11?

There is no search bar in the new Windows 11, according to the leaked video. Instead, there is only what seems to be like a magnifying glass in the taskbar, which will be used instead of the search bar.


Minor adjustments

To make it more aesthetically pleasing, Microsoft is adding minor adjustments to Windows 10 successor. The file explorer icon appears to be more colorful and overfull “lifted.” There is also a new snap assist feature, which is a list of choices which, when you hover over the minimize or the maximize button of a window, is provided to you, that allows you to snap your windows on either side of your screen, and split it into quarters.

The new sound system seems to be working in Windows 11, and some new gesture introduction for minimizing/maximizing or switching among virtual windows. All in all, this is only the scarp of the surface of what we are about to get from in the new Windows 11.

About this leak, Microsoft issued a complaint against Google for including a link, which had a website that included a link for a build of Windows 11. The statement from Microsoft confirmed that the leak was, in fact, legit, and the name Windows 11 is the official name now.


Will Windows 11 be free to upgrade?

Yes indeed. The trend that Microsoft seems to follow, it is quite likely that that the new Windows will be free to upgrade. Latest announcement from Microsoft states that it will be a free upgrade to people who own a copy of Windows 10. Meaning those people who are currently in possession of Windows 10 can freely upgrade their windows to this new version without any extra cost. This is the same trend as was with Windows 8, 10, and so on.
This move by Microsoft deserves applaud!


When to expect Windows 11?

Anything said will be just mere speculation as an official announcement is about to happen in a couple of days. But from what I assume, the new Windows 11 may be just around the corner—getting a launch maybe in the summer of this year! Talk about Christmas coming early.


New Windows logo


Should You Upgrade To Windows 11? – My Verdict:

Windows 11 looks very promising, with enhanced features, ability to run android APKs without an emulator, sophisticated GUI and improved gaming experience. The question stands; ‘Should you upgrade to Microsoft’s new OS?’.
My answer would be to simply wait till Microsoft releases a stable version as new versions are bound to have bugs. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will receive support till 2025, so why bother being beta testers for Windows 11? Wait for a month or two and let Microsoft sort out the bugs before rushing towards an update.



Microsoft’s Windows 11 is going to the new deal in 2021. After the tragic Coronavirus, which has lasted almost two years now and still has maybe a year or so before it completely vanishes. The new Windows has given the tech fans to cheer about something.

The official announcement is due in a couple of days. Still, some legit leaks confirm that the upcoming Microsoft sensation is bound to have some significant and exciting changes that will change the user experience dramatically. Some may like it, while others may not. Only time will time how much of those rumors are true.

Tell us in the comment section what you think about the New Windows 11 and what features you like and dislike? For more information on Windows 11, please keep visiting our website,


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